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Midland, Abilene and San Angelo Announce West Texas Water Partnership

The cities of Midland, Abilene and San Angelo announced an alliance that will allow the cities to share water resources.

The cities of Midland, Abilene and San Angelo announced the West Texas Partnership Wednesday, an alliance that will allow the cities to share water resources and supply.

“It’s the beginning stages of addressing our long-term water issue,” Mayor of Midland Jerry Morales said.

The three mayors vowed to help each other in times of need and in times when the water is plentiful.

“If one of our sister cities, Abilene or San Angelo is in dire needs, then we can cut back our use and use what we have today,” Morales said.

The partnership was born as former Midland Mayor Wes Perry, Abilene Mayor Norm Archibald and San Angelo Mayor Dwain Morrison met for coffee to talk water.

“We got around the table and said, ‘hey, hey everybody what could we do together?’” Archibald said.

As the three sat around the table, they decided to form the partnership and begin working together.

“We have been looking at sharing the pipelines or trading off water when one has it and the other doesn't because there is always a time of plenty,” Archibald said.

Morales continued the partnership after Perry left office and said he is willing to continue working in order to establish a 100-year water plan, in addition to the short-term plan already established.

“Midland is very fortunate that we have a 50 year supply in place,” Morales said. “We have addressed out short term with the T-bar, the Paul Davis and we still have the CRMWD.”

The partnership has not determined specifics on how it will go about for sharing the water, but the three mayors vowed to bring any projects before the voters.

“If we don’t have water for our future, all the jobs in the world won’t matter because we won’t have water for people,” Archibald said.

The three mayors said they invited neighboring cities to join the partnership, and have an “open door” for anyone willing to join.

“Together we do more than we do individually,” Archibald said. “We are all in this together. We are West Texas.”

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