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MCH Creates Program To Reach Growing Hispanic Population

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) - "A Tu Salud."
Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) - "A Tu Salud."

A new program from Medical Center Hospital to help break language barriers and meet the needs of the growing Hispanic community.

Patricia Garcia
"It's an establishment of trust, an establishment of being able just to talk like you're in the family in your own living room," said Patricia Garcia, director of volunteer services and community relations coordinator for MCH.

According to a recent study done by MCH, the Hispanic population is projected to grow by nine percent in the next couple of years.

The program held their first meeting earlier this month and had a turn out of 50 people.

"It was interesting to see that there was a pretty impressive number of males who attended as well. And couples," Garcia said.

Marco corral attended the event with his father and he says they both learned a lot on federal information.

"Being able to have it in your own language, it's a lot of help. It really makes you feel comfortable with the information and with all of the stuff that you have to do," Corral said.

Garcia says the topic discussed at the first meeting was the Affordable Care Act.

"We had our subject matter experts within the hospital, who shared with them, 'here's the law, here's how we can help you, here are some resources for you," Garcia said.

Garcia says this program is not just a lecture but, a customized program for the Spanish speaking community, where everyone can join in a discussion together.

"Everyone could relate to each other. Not just like we're strangers and we're just here because we heard about it. It's just like, 'well, we're part of the community, we're working together and we share the same feelings," Corral said.

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