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Massive Thunderstorm Rips Through The Basin

After storms ripped through the Basin Wednesday night, we take a closer look at the aftermath.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- After storms ripped through the Basin Wednesday night, we took a closer look at the aftermath.

"We were just waiting for the hail to break the windows, we were ready to get under the benches," said onlooker Carolina Lujan.

Submerged cars, snapped trees, and broken power lines, after a massive thunderstorm blasted the Basin Wednesday night.
Eyewitnesses were shocked by what they saw during the night.

"It's unbelievable, it's, I've never seen this anything like this before," said onlooker Christian Johnson.

"We see this car just floating away," said onlooker Brenda Salinas.

People nearby saw the car float into the draw and watched three people get out through the window.

"They went into the draw and they got out, it was scary, that was scary," said onlooker Kristy Leu.

"It was so bad the water was going over the bridge," said Lujan.

And the next day brought the aftermath. Cleanup. The storm even created issues for the Midland Fire Department.

"Several firehouses were without power and we had to move different personnel to different stations to adapt to it," said District Chief for the Midland Fire Department Patrick Repman.

Patrick Repman, the District Chief for the department tells me the wild weather had their phones ringing off the hook.

"We were just overwhelmed quickly," said Repman.

Repman told me a storm like this affects everyone and everything.

"It takes a toll on the entire community," said Repman.
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