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Marfa Homeowners Fight Back Against Property Tax Increase

Marfa, TX (Local big 2 News) - Marfa residents have a bone to pick with city government.
Marfa, TX (Local big 2 News) - Marfa residents have a bone to pick with city government.

"It doubled," said Majorie Hughes, a homeowner in Marfa.

It's an issue with property taxes.

"I haven't heard from anyone who lives in Marfa who's not outraged," said Chris Cashiola, a homeowner in Marfa.

According to Richard Petree from the Presidio Appraisal District Office, the property values of homes in Marfa and Presidio have been undervalued for several years.

"There's just this huge change of activity that's kind of been growing for the last 20 years," said Petree.

Marfa is known to be an artistic town. But residents tell me it's taking a toll on them.

"We natives who have been here over a hundred years can not afford to pay the taxes on this little house," Hughes said.

Hughes tells me her two bedroom one bathroom home was originally valued at $22,000 dollars, now it's more than five times that.

"Last year it was $60,620 dollars and this year it's $127,200 dollars," Hughes said.

Cashiola bought this under 800 square feet home four years ago, he says doesn't understand why there's been an tax increase.

"I wanna know what they base this on. And what was their calculations, what documents , what data they relied upon. Because they've provided nothing," Cashiola said.

Petree tells me that the tax rates aren't necessarily going up at the rate that were shown on notices.

"It looks like the people are going to see a maybe two or three or four times increase in actual taxes," Petree said.

But residents like Hughes just disagree.

"I consider it crooked. It's bank robbery," Hughes said.

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