Man Found Dead After Resigning from Permian High

Man Found Dead After Resigning from Permian High

Former Permian High teacher Mark Lampman was found dead in a field following his resignation from the school.
MIDLAND TX (Local Big 2 News) - Students and teachers at Permian High School are trying to come to terms with the death of a former teacher, and the allegations that still surround him. Officials believe Mark Lampman took his own life on Wednesday, after resigning from Permian High on Tuesday amid allegations of an inappropriate relationship with a student. This case is the latest in a bout of Permian teachers accused of having improper relationships with students.

"We can never cross that line. Parents entrust their children to us," says Crowe about teachers crossing the line from a professional to personal relationship with students.

Superintendent Tom Crowe explains the recent number of Permian High School employees suspected of crossing that line is worrisome.

"Obviously you look at it and you're concerned," he says.

This latest case ended with the apparent suicide of Mark Lampman in a field at the intersection of FM 1936 and highway 158.

"Our heart goes out to his wife and children as it does to everyone who was involved in this tragedy," Crowe says.

The student who school officials say was involved in the improper relationship is not in school today. Crowe says the school is looking at whether or not the student will be returning to school.

"We're looking at that for the future because one of the things we need to do is look out for the student's safety," says Crowe.

Rumors, comments, and suspicions have swirled on social media in recent days, but Superintendent Crowe says they can not continue.

"We need that to stop because it's not helping, it's hurting," he says.

Crowe says ECISD will take a serious look at their teacher training, including students in the conversation as well.

"They need an adult who can guide them. You can be friendly without being friends. An inappropriate relationship is any relationship that goes beyond the student teacher relationship," says Crowe.

Counselors were on hand at Permian High on Thursday to help any students or teachers who needed to talk about the events of the last couple of days.
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