Man Collects License Plate Photos From All States

Man Collects License Plate Photos From All States

A challenge to photograph all 50 states turns into success for one man.
MIDLAND, TX (Big 2 News) - People flock from around the country to get a piece of the booming West Texas oil industry. According to the census bureau, Midland is the third fastest growing metropolitan area in the country. One man is documenting it in a unique way. You name the state, and Mark Woodside's got it. A picture for every state in the nation. Yes, even Hawaii, and it didn't take long.

"Well in three weeks we got every single plate in Midland, TX, as far south as we are. Every state's represented here," Woodside says.

That's right, license plates from every state right here in Midland county. Woodside's search all started thanks to his wife.

"She made a challenge to me and she said why don't you start taking pictures of each of the license plates and post them on Facebook," said Woodside.

He learned the most difficult state to find was surprisingly West Virginia.

"I attribute West Virginia to being last because it has a good oil and gas economy and there's not many people moving from West Virginia to Midland," said Woodside. "Several friends said Hawaii and Alaska would be difficult and in reality those proved to be very easy, they're all over town."

Woodside's favorite plate is Montana. He says it's because of the trout. Woodside says even though he found all fifty plates, he can't stop looking at passing cars to see what state they're from. He says he will keep an eye out for countries next.
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