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Local Supermarkets Prepare for Super Bowl Weekend

Permian Basin supermarkets are stocking up the shelves to prepare for this year's Super Bowl.
West Texas supermarkets are stocking up for this weekend’s Super Bowl game.

Super Mercado Manager Kokes Bernal said it is one of the busiest days of the year for his store.

“It’s almost like a New Year’s deal,” Bernal said. “Everybody comes out and we sell tons of stuff.”

The number one seller at Super Mercado in Midland is beer, Bernal said. But he assured that it will not sell out.

The shelves will be continuously stocked by the beer suppliers, enough to accommodate the Midland shoppers.

“Beer usually doesn't get empty. We have people come in constantly filling our coolers,” Bernal said.

But there is one thing that has a high risk or running out: charcoal.

“It doesn't matter if it's cold or hot or whatever. People will barbecue for that day so charcoal will be your number one,” Bernal said. “We will try to keep a lot of charcoal because if anything goes empty, it will be that.”

Some shoppers were already getting ready for the game Thursday, hoping to avoid the weekend chaos.

“It's ridiculous. It's very frustrating because you can't find that and you have to run to another store,” shopper Mequisha Lee said of shopping during Super Bowl weekend.

And despite the efforts to make the shopping trips easier, Bernal said there will always be a long line.

“We will have every register open but it doesn't matter how many registers you have, when it comes to Super Bowl, everybody will be out,” he said.

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