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Jal, New Mexico Police Chief Suspended

Chief of Police in Jal, New Mexico is on unpaid suspension! Chief Larry Burns is facing a ten day unpaid suspension.
Jal, New Mexico (Big 2 News) - "I received a manila envelope in the mail last Wednesday morning," said Jal City Manager Bob Gallagher.

An envelope that would turn Police Chief Larry Burns's life upside down.

"Opened it and there was info there that lead me to believe that I needed to acquire additional facts and information," said Gallagher.

Facts that lead City Manager Bob Gallagher to a decision, a ten day suspension without pay for Burns.

And Gallagher tells me, while this portion of the investigation is closed, this envelope has become the subject of something new.

"That'll be the subject of a second investigation we begin this morning," said Gallagher.

Gallagher is looking into others who may be involved.

"If they were involved, did their involvement include the breaking of any city rules and regulations?" said Gallagher.

Since news broke of the suspension of Chief Burns, rumors have swirled and some may not be entirely accurate.

"He never offered a resignation letter. This investiagtion never gave one hint that it would be a criminal investigation," said Gallagher.

And Chief Larry Burns told me he feels the rumor mill swirling. While he refused to go on camera, he did tell me that people like to try and blow things out of proportion, rumors start flying and it turns into something bigger than what had actually happened.

Burns also told me he believes he received a fair punishment, he said you need to take responsibility for your actions and you take whatever punishment is given to you.

Although he wouldn't tell me what he did to get suspended.

Gallagher tells me he believes the Chief was relieved when he found out about his suspension.

"I think the chief was relieved because I think he thought there may be a possibility that this could end up in dismissal," said Gallagher.

As for Burns, he's spending his time off campaigning, after all this, he plans to stay in the race to become the next Magistrate Judge of Jal, New Mexico.
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