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Iraan Receives Over Two Million Dollar Loan for New Wastewater Plant

Upgrades will include new hydrants and water lines throughout the city, but the improvements will come with a proposal to increase tax rates.
IRAAN, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - The Texas water development board approves a multi- million dollar loan for Iraan.
The city will borrow nearly 2.5 million dollars.
It's all about an "aging water system" including "replacing" a wastewater treatment plant built in 1953.
Local residents say there's a need for improvement in this small West Texas town, and according to the proposal by the Texas water development board, that's exactly what they will get.
The board approved a loan for $2,375,000. The proposal was necessary because of additions of a hotel, expansion of the hospital and high school. The cities water flow is 98 percent of capacity.
The 61 year old wastewater treatment plant can't handle it and will be replaced by a new one.
New fire hydrants, new 6 and 8 inch water pipes, and extended service to the city also highlight the improvements.
It will come at a cost, the TWDB summary sheet states the city of Iraan will propose a 25 dollar and 37 cent tax increase in 2015.
The loan should be paid off in 12 years. There are hopes to start construction by August of 2015 and be done by August of 2016.
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