International Business Partnership Between Mexico and Odessa

International Business Partnership Between Mexico and Odessa

Odessa city leaders plan business partnership with Chihuahua, Mexico.
ODESSA, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - An international trade partnership between Odessa and Chihuaha, Mexico could save local companies time and money.  As part of the plans state officials look at upgrading the road system from the Mexican border north to Odessa.

"This is an opportunity to one, help the businesses of Odessa save money by saving on transportation, but also we may be able to help by saving some on raw materials," said Odessa Mayor David Turner.

At a press conference Thursday evening, officials tout benefits of this new initiative.

"There are no limits to the possibilities which will be good for both economies in Chihuaha and Odessa," said Republican State Senator Kel Seliger.

In July, Mayor David Turner visited with leaders from Chihuaha, Mexico to explore business alliances.

"We showed them our booming economy. Our economy is unlike any other in the nation," added Mayor Turner.

Turner says this economic development will not bring new competition, and it will only help businesses already established in Odessa.

"I don't want to bring companies in to compete, that's not good for our businesses," insists Mayor Turner.

The second aspect of the collaboration may include a direct transportation route from Mexico north to Odessa.

"Alpine may be a concern, they do not have a truck route around Alpine so if you're bringing a truck with sand or metal or pope we may have some issues there and that's why I've involved the state," said Mayor Turner.

Saving time and money, potentially making an already strong economy even stronger.

"Odessa is one of those communities that never fixates on what things were like yesterday or today, and continues to work to develop and grow this economy," says Senator Seliger.

Mayor Turner plans to meet with the Mayors of Presidio and Ojinaga, Mexico later this month, to discuss moving freight through their cities, as the next step in this business relationship.

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