House Race Heats Up

House Race Heats Up

Brooks Landgraf and Austin Keith are campaigning until the end. Both candidates are looking forward to what election day will bring.

Odessa,TX (Big 2 News) - The race for House District 81 heats up. Brooks Landgraf versus Austin Keith.

I spent a little time today with both candidates and found out their plans for the final stretch of the election.

"It's very important to continue reaching out to every west Texan," Landgraf said.

"My final push today is...I feel like it's just getting the people out to vote," Keith said.

Brooks Landgraf and Austin Keith have one thing on their mind. Tomorrow's election, and whether or not voters will head out to the polls.

In the meantime, each candidate took a different approach for their final push.

Landgraf took full advantage of his day, which meant continuing to campaign until the end.

"Over my lunch break and after work, I will continue doing what we've been doing for months, and that is knocking on doors and meeting face to face with the voters here in west Texas, and I look forward to doing that right up until the last minute," Landgraf said.

Meanwhile, Keith looks to god and believes fate will play a large role.

"Right now, I'm happy to be where I'm at, whatever the outcome tomorrow is, It's in god's hands, as far as I'm concerned, and I'll be happy whatever happens," Keith said.

I can tell you one thing, both candidates are challenging themselves before the big day.

"To continue getting the message out to our fellow west Texans," Landgraf said.

"Today...I'm challenging myself a little bit, because I've got bible study group, so I've been working on my bible lesson, and just trying to get some things done in the office," Keith said.

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