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Hospice House Closing In Odessa

After twenty years and almost six thousand patients, Hospice House has to close it's doors.

Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) – Peace and tranquility, in a garden that holds a special spirit and memories for many different people.

"As soon as you walk in the door, you sense the spirit of God, the spirit of comfort, the spirit of confidence, the spirit of hope in the place,” said Jimmy Braswell.

Pastor Jimmy Braswell is talking about the Hospice House, a place he called home for seventeen years.

"I think what I'll miss is the sense of presence that's here,” said Braswell.

And after twenty years, and almost six thousand patients, the Hospice House will not accept any new people.

"It has done such a great service to our community and getting people to maybe tear down a little bit of fear, we're going to miss it,” said Karen Carter.

Home Hospice says, stricter healthcare regulations are making it more difficult for people to be admitted into the house.

Karen Carter, the community relations manager with Home Hospice told me, it’s a result of Medicare reform.

"It really is part of Medicare, and what's called the conditions of participation, they've just become more strict in saying these are the people who are eligible for in-patient care,” said Carter.

But, just because these doors are closing, Braswell says, Home Hospice will still remain in place.

"Odessa's Hospice, the Home Hospice will be as fully functioning and as effective as it's always been, nothing will change,” said Braswell.

And, Braswell is looking forward to many more years with Home Hospice.

"We're just losing a tool, one of our tools is no longer in the tool chest,” said Braswell.

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