Elections Winner's Circle

Elections Winner's Circle

I caught up with a few of the winners from election day and found out what's in store for both Midland and Odessa counties.
Odessa, TX (Big 2 News) – Lots of hard work lies ahead, and Brooks Landgraf, the winner of the Republican Primary for State Representative, is ready to jump right in.

"We do know that we have a lot of work to do, and that work begins very quickly,” said Landgraf.

Winner of the Ector County Commissioner race, Armando Rodriguez, celebrates on Wednesday, winning the election by a mere nine votes.

"It was a big victory for us, we were very surprised, I know it was very tight, tight race,” said Rodriguez.

With that, he has big plans for his district.

"I think we can do more things for my precinct, because I would like to see more things for my community,” said Rodriguez.

The next steps for Midland County Tax Assessor, Karen Hood, who came out on top in the polls.

"A lot of twelve hour days, trying to get things in order here, and I just plan on continuing doing that work,” said Hood.

Hood plans on making lots of changes and she wants to help the people in Midland County.

"I was waiting until after the election to make some changes in the office, some positive changes, and to get us back on track,” said Hood.

As for the overall reaction to these elections, the winners stayed optimistic throughout the night, and are pleased with the way things turned out.

"Well, we're just very, very happy with the outcome, this was a hard fought race,” said Landgraf.

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