Ector County Commissioners Vote to Keep Medical Examiner's office

Ector County Commissioners Vote to Keep Medical Examiner's office

Judge Susan Redford breaks a 2-2 tie vote on Thursday to keep the Ector County Medical Examiner's Office.
MIDLAND TX (Big 2 News) - The Ector County Medical Examiners' office will remain in place.  County Judge Susan Redford finalized the decision, by breaking a tie vote by the County Commissioners.  However, some were very frustrated by today's decision. 

"The injustice done to victims and their families lays at the feet of the commissioners now," says District Attorney Bobby Bland. 

Ector County Judge Susan Redford cast the deciding vote after a two to two tie of the commissioners, and explained it was a tough choice.

"It's not going to be an easy process for us to implement the changes that we need to make sure that the office works, but I think it was the right decision," said Redford. 

Bland wants everyone to be aware of the potential implications of the decision today.

"I hope everyone out there will pay attention to what the commissioners did or didn't do," added Bland. 

However, Bland is not upset with the doctors who work at the examiner's office.

"And it's no knock on the doctors, they've been asked to do a difficult decision. I'm not criticizing Dr. Acreman or anybody who has had this position," says Bland. 

His frustration is with the office deciding when to perform autopsies or not.

"In the past month alone I've had to order two autopsies because it's such a chaos over there," Bland explained. 

Redford explained that despite previous issues with the examiner's office, after extensive talks with law enforcement, the hospitals, funeral homes, and the public, the office should stay.

"We're all in this together and in the end with the changes that he requested, we should feel very good about them," voiced Redford.  

But Bland still thinks the commissioners dodged the issue.

"My job is to seek justice, make sure we do the right thing, their job is to be political and I expected that from them."

Alternatives to the current system include a Justice of the Peace to order autopsies, or a pathologist to work with the examiner's office. The examiner's office did not return our calls.

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