Deputy Observes 'Exchange' in Parking Lot, Recovers Cocaine and Makes Arrest

Deputy Observes 'Exchange' in Parking Lot, Recovers Cocaine and Makes Arrest

After noticing an "exchange", an Ector county deputy makes two arrests early Sunday morning.
Ricardo Beltran
Ricardo Beltran
ECTOR COUNTY, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A possible drug "exchange" catches the eye of a sheriff's deputy, which leads to a cocaine discovery and the arrest of two men, according to sheriff's officials.

Alex Roque faces a drug possession charge, and Ricardo Beltran was arrested on an outstanding warrant charge, authorities say.

An Ector county sheriff's deputy on Sunday morning was trying to find a vehicle that Odessa police described as a suspect vehicle in a recent robbery, according to officials. The deputy saw a black sedan matching that suspect vehicle description pull into a CNS parking lot near Andrews Highway and University around 7:45 on Sunday morning, officials say.

That's when officials say the deputy saw someone from another vehicle walk up to the passenger side
of the black sedan and make an "exchange" indicating a possible drug transaction.

Authorities say the black sedan then tried to evade the sheriff's marked car, which led to the deputy pulling the vehicle over near 35th and Adams.

The two in the car allowed the deputy to search the vehicle, which led to the discovery of .9 grams of cocaine, officials say.

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