Dawson County Water Tower

Dawson County Water Tower

The city is getting a water tower that will help with low water pressure problems.
Lamesa, TX (Big 2 News) - "We've talked about the need for that for years," said Mayor Dave Nix.

And the city of Lamesa is one step closer to their goal.

"We've had these water pressure problems in the north part of town and elsewhere for quite a while," said Nix.

Dawson County can't wait for the arrival of a two-hundred fifty-thousand gallon water tower.

And Mayor Dave Nix is no exception to the excitement.

"I think it's going to be a nice addition to the town," said Nix.

An addition that will allow residents in Northridge Retirement Center to take an enjoyable shower.

"It's going to affect us tremendously. The showers kind of slow down to where they barely have enough to be taking a shower in," said Executive Director of Northridge Retirement Center Tonya Clark.

This tower is part of a water system improvement project that will also include a sewer line.

Almost a million dollar project that will better the city.

"By putting in a larger capacity line and with the water tank it's going to increase our water pressure in all of Lamesa," said Nix.

And better the lives of those who just want to hop in the shower.

"Oh! We're very very excited, definitely making our retirement,our retired citizens very happy with taking a shower when they want to," said Clark.
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