Crossfit Tall City Pushes Members To Change Their Lifestyles

Crossfit Tall City Pushes Members To Change Their Lifestyles

Crossfit Tall City owner Tye Orr is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer who believes for true fitness, routine is the enemy.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "I just turned 45 two weeks ago, I’m the third oldest one that comes to the gym", said Crossfit Tall City member, Jetahn Lichenstein.

Her children moved out the house and she wanted to find a healthy hobby.

"In three months I lost four inches just in my hips and I’ve lost 7 ½ inches over the whole body", said Lichenstein.

Tye Orr says the workouts keep the body guessing eliminating boredom and members see results, if they stick to the program.

"Trying something different everyday whether it be gymnastics, weight lifting, flipping tires, sledge hammers, rope climbing", said Crossfit Tall City owner Tye Orr.

Orr makes time to give each member individual attention.

"It's really good to have that one on one and Tye is really professional, really patient and he really takes his time with us", said Lichenstein.

Although the drills are timed, the community pushes each other regardless of when a member finishes. 

"The first person who finishes is just as important as the last person who finishes", said Orr.

Members force themselves through challenging workouts.

"We throw this ball up against the wall. We do that 50 times and then we ran 800 meters", said Lichenstein.

Orr says there is a method to the madness and 45 year old Lichenstein is proof of it.

She credits her success from colleagues supporting her.

"When you come into our crossfit gym, you feel like it's your crossfit, it's your family and you all are going through the same workout together, suffering together", said Orr.


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