Clay-Shoot Benefit Raises Nearly Half-A-Million Dollars

Clay-Shoot Benefit Raises Nearly Half-A-Million Dollars

The 11th annual Bad Boy Blast was able to send hand over a few big checks to local police and fire departments.
MARTIN COUNTY, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A clay-shoot benefit takes aim and hits the bulls eye, raising nearly half a million dollars for local first responders.

Last month's 11th annual ConocoPhillips' 'Bad boy Blast' raised $412,000.

Volunteer fire departments in Andrews, Howard, Ector and Midland counties will each get $100,000, and the remaining $12,000 is going to Odessa Crimestoppers.

"When we started out on this, they were thinking they might get $20,000 a piece," Danny Gibson, a project supervisor for ConocoPhillips, says.

"When they found out how much we actually raised, they were very ecstatic."

Organizers say 1,200 shooters, over a hundred sponsors and dozens of volunteers helped make it all possible.
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