Charter School Not Opening As Planned, Parents Scramble

Charter School Not Opening As Planned, Parents Scramble

Some parents must find another school to send their children this year, after a private elementary school announces it will not open for at least one more year.
MIDLAND, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - Back to school is here, but some parents are panicking, as they scramble to find a new school for their children after a Midland charter school will not open as planned.

"If they had called us two weeks or so ago, we could have started at that time making arrangements, but all of a sudden yesterday we got the call, it's a bit frustrating," says Richard Guilamo, a Midland resident and parent of a student who was supposed to attend Vista Academy this fall.

Vista Academy was set to open next Monday, but after an abrupt announcement saying the school will not open this year, parents are upset.

"It's a matter of now scrambling, looking for a school for them, and most of the schools will be on a waiting list," says Guilamo.

When Guilamo showed up to Vista Academy to ask about his daughter's education, all the doors were locked and the phones were not being answered.

"Say something to us, don't just lock the doors and no one's there, that makes it even more frustrating," says Guilamo.

A message on Vista Academy's facebook page says they decided to delay the opening, in part due to the "ISD's competitive nature of hiring teachers." Guilamo wants to send his child to a private school, but now he might need to go public.

"If she can't get on a waiting list to start school this Monday, we'll have to start and put her in a public school, she has to go to school period," explains Guilamo.

His two older kids attend premier high school, a private school in the same location, and he's just thankful the high school will remain open.

"We have two other kids, high school students, that what if it would have happened to them also?," questioned Guilamo.

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