Boy Chokes on Chicken Nugget Mid-Flight, Congressman Comes to the Rescue

Boy Chokes on Chicken Nugget Mid-Flight, Congressman Comes to the Rescue

Alpine native and Congressman Pete Gallego recounts saving a boy from choking in the middle of a flight last Friday night.
"I got a chestful of chicken nuggets." - Pete Gallego, congressman
TEXAS (Local Big 2 News) -- A window seat at 30,000 feet with two kids in tow.

Midland native Paige Flippen had her hands full while returning home to San Antonio on Friday, after a trip to West Virgina.

"It was the last leg of our flight from Dallas to San Antonio," Flippen says.

Three-year-old Cash was in the middle seat, and 6-month-old Paisely was in her mom's arms.

Not too long after takeoff, Cash was ready for a snack, preferably cookies. But, Paige countered with chicken nuggets, which led to a few scary mid-flight moments.

"So, he was throwing a temper tantrum, and started to choke on the chicken nuggets," Flippen says.

With Paisely in her arms, Paige was limited to be able to help her choking son.

"I completely felt helpless," Flippen says.

"Just in my mind, I was like 'Please, God, somebody help me.'"

That's when the aisle -seat passenger answered the plea. Congressman and Alpine native Pete Gallego saw the boy struggling to breathe, unbuckled him and picked him up.

"...Pressed as gently as I could, but with enough force to eject what he had been eating," Gallego says.

"So, I got a chestful of chicken nuggets."

Cash was fine after the sky-high rescue and actually asked for more chicken nuggets. As for Paige, she describes her first thoughts after the politician's planeside Hemilich manuever:

"The congressman just saved my son," Flippen says.

Gallego adds: "Very thankful and happy that it all worked out."

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