Big and Small Shops Around the Basin Prep For Tax Free Weekend

Big and Small Shops Around the Basin Prep For Tax Free Weekend

The state's annual tax-free weekend starts Friday and lots of people plan on taking advantage, but others want to stay away.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- School starts up soon and stores prep for one of the busiest back to school shopping weekends. As the state's annual tax-free weekend starts Friday.
Lots of people plan on taking advantage of the sales tax holiday, but others want to stay away.

Extra staff, extra merchandise, extra people.

"We're excited, this is a big time of the year for us," said JCPenney Store Leader Brad Tucker.

It's like a holiday, a Texas tax free holiday.
It's so huge, JCPenney preps.

"Months in advance," said Tucker.

Store leader Brad Tucker tells me the store kicks it up a notch. 

"We are vamping up our hours, we're adding registers throughout the store to make it easier for our customers so they don't have to wait in line," said Tucker.

JCPenney plans on complete chaos this weekend.

"We are beefing up all of our staffing," said Tucker.

But not everyone plans to take a tax free trip. Angela Kennedy wants to stay away from the mobs of people.

"I would much rather pay the tax and shop in peace than have to deal with crowds," said shopper Angela Kennedy.

And others like Lupita Bunch planned ahead and came out to the stores before the madness.

"Shop as much as we could, or for everything that we needed before the big crowds hit this weekend," said Bunch.

While big corporations prep for the craze, small shops like pink tumbleweed also plan for the tax free frenzy.

I'm just going to have a couple extra girls come in Friday and Saturday to help me out," said Tindle.

Tindle tells me shopping in her boutique brings a different kind of energy on tax free weekend.

"Here it's pretty calm, people just enjoy the little extra discount, it's a little extra something," said Tindle.

Whether you choose to brave the bargains or shop in a more peaceful setting, Tindle has a message.

"Don't avoid all shopping this weekend for tax free," said Tindle.
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