Behind The West Texas Lady Driller Pom Poms

Behind The West Texas Lady Driller Pom Poms

Your Local Big 2 Sports caught up with Jercy Barrato to get a behind scenes look at the Lady Drillers.

Odessa, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "I was born in the Philippines, then I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, a little bit, then I moved here to Midland, Texas", said West Texas Lady Driller, Jercy Barrato.

Barrato is a leader on the team and takes pride in being a role model for young girls.

"Making the little girls smile, the kids that drives me a lot especially when a mother comes up to you and tells you that you know you're my little girl's inspiration", said Barrato.

She tries to make a difference in the lives of people she has met through the Lady Drillers.

"It really touches your heart being a part of this team", said Barrato.

Barratto brings experience to this young lady Driller Team and she has achieved success outside of the Tall City.

"My greatest accomplishment I would say is being able to dance with the Houston Texans", said Barrato.

She was able to participate in the All Pro Real Deal workshop in Houston back in March and attended the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders dance clinic,  in hopes to try out for the team after she's fully prepared.

"It was just a great experience hearing their critique and feedback and dancing with professional dancers", said Barrato.

Outside of the lady drillers. Barratto enjoys exercising.

"I’m a bit of a gymaholic. I love to work out; I love to help out people such as fitness wise", said Barrato.

On her cheat days, Barrato's favorite ice cream is cookie dough and it's no surprise what her favorite movie is.

"Bring it on", said Barrato.

When playtime is over, it's time to get serious. These girls are sweating bullets in dance rehearsals.

"We practice pretty hard.  Sometimes at the end of practice it looks like we just got out of the shower", said Barrato.

The hard work is worth it to Barratto because giving back is what makes her happy.

"I became a Lady Driller because I love working with the community and I love giving back to the community", said Barrato.

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