Bearded Bandits Give RockHounds Extra Spark In Close Ball Games

Bearded Bandits Give RockHounds Extra Spark In Close Ball Games

CEO of the Bearded Bandits, Buzzard Beard believes his team had a huge part of the success of the RockHounds.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "Over the course of this season, there have been 10 walk offs that were all attributed to by the bearded bandits", said CEO of the Bearded Bandits, Buzzard Beard.

"We represent the spirit of the RockHounds; our beards have magic in it", said The Great Beard-Bino.

You might be asking yourself, who are the bearded bandits?

If the Hounds are down in the bottom of the ninth by 3 or less runs, the bearded bandits come out to help the team to pull out a win.

"We go up to the press box and just start pumping going wild, getting turnt up if you will as the young people say", Secretary of the Bearded Bandits, Geezer.

During the press box pump, the hounds hear their favorite song.

"Who let the dogs out? Whoot whoot whoot whoot", said The Great Beard-Bino.

The bearded bandits believe Midland has a long post-season ahead. 

"We can go pretty far. We made it this far", said Baby Beard.

The bandits are a well-organized group, with the bearded bandit secretary having an important position.

"I answer phone calls, I send out mail, I receive mail, I open letters; I actually can open a letter like nobody else", said Geezer.

Everyone does his part. but baby beard told me he plans to contribute more.

"Here's the deal J, I’m like Simba, Buzzard Beard is like Mufasa, one day I will lead the pride", said Baby Beard.

"Simba he's got a lot of potential, you know he's kind of like Johnny Manziel right now, he's young and very talented but going through a lot of growing pains”, said Buzzard Beard. 

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