An Ambulance Crashes in Odessa, Driver of a Mustang Cited

An Ambulance Crashes in Odessa, Driver of a Mustang Cited

The driver of a Ford Mustang now faces multiple citations, after police say he caused a collision with an Odessa ambulance.
ODESSA, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - An ambulance rushing to an accident, becomes part of a separate crash. The emergency vehicle collided with a Ford Mustang, and now the driver of the car faces multiple citations.

"Every time we run hot, it's dangerous for us, it's dangerous for the public," explained Odessa Fire Batallion Chief Danny Wyatt.

It all happened near the intersection of University Boulevard and JBS Parkway in Odessa, at the height of rush hour around 5 pm Monday. An ambulance was responding to an accident, driving eastbound with its lights and sirens on. The ambulance was then forced to drive into the westbound lanes to avoid gridlock at the intersection.

"They had to pull into opposing traffic, because it's 5 o'clock, traffic's full, that's what we do, we pull into opposing traffic, ease our way around, and that's when he pulled out in front of them," Wyatt added. "Apparently either turning into the parking lot, or pulling a u-turn, and as he did that, rescue 6 was unable to stop, and t-boned the mustang."

No one got hurt in this crash, but officials tell me the driver of the Mustang still made a major mistake.

"The most important thing with this driver is he pulled out to the left, and that's where we're coming, and they need to pull to their right," said Wyatt.

Monday's crash serves as a reminder to always pay attention, even if there's no sirens blaring.

"I realize sometimes they don't hear them as well, but they need to be really aware of their surroundings, checking their mirrors often, and when they see an ambulance if they can't pull to the right, just stop where you are, we'll navigate around," explained Wyatt.  

The driver of the Ford Mustang was cited for making an improper U-turn and failure to yield right of way to an emergency vehicle, and the ticket for failing to yield to the emergency vehicle could cost up to $500.
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