A Tornado Causes Coahoma Residents To Seek Shelter

A Tornado Causes Coahoma Residents To Seek Shelter

Residents in Coahoma sought shelter in an unlikely place after a tornado touched down.
Coahoma, TX (Local Big 2 News) - "Half the town ended up in the basment of the school," said resident Jimmy Manning.

After a tornado touched down in Coahoma.
And Jimmy Manning was there for it all.

"Pretty wild, doesn't happen here too often," said Manning.

"When it was over, I saw probably fifty to sixty cars come from under it," said resident Gaylan Harding.

Resident Gaylan Harding is talking about Coahoma High School's underground shelter.

"Everybody knows they can go there for safety and get in that cellar way, it's always open," said Harding.

The storm left snapped trees, broken power poles and smashed fences.
And Harding knew he had to seek shelter.

"We better get in the cellar and take cover, as soon as we got in there, we got hit," said Harding.

Harding explained the wild weather.

"We got the high winds, the hail, and everything that goes with it," said Harding.

I found him looking for damage on his property.

"Luckily we were spared most of the damage," said Harding.

Driving around the town, I noticed lots of flooding after the storm, but there was still a light at the end of a gloomy situation.
A light with seven beautiful colors.
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