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A Shooting In Alpine Leaves Unanswered Questions

The shooting left one dead and two others injured. Now, residents are looking for answers.
ALPINE, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- A shooting in Alpine leaves one dead and two others injured. Now, residents are looking for answers.

"Everybody is just wondering why," said Alpine resident Vickie Wilson.

Questions left unanswered for residents in the small town of Alpine, after a shooting Tuesday night that shook up the community.

"I am stunned! It's something that doesn't happen here everyday," said the accused killer's Mother-In-Law Ramona Ramos.

But this hit Ramona Ramos harder than most. Alpine Police Officials tell me her Son-In-Law, Alvino Gonzalez, was arrested Tuesday and charged with murder.

"This has been a nightmare for us," said Ramos.

The shooting happened on Holland Avenue just before 8 p.m, leaving one person dead and two others injured.

"The whole town is in mourning over it because her was one of our own and it just doesn't happen," said Wilson.

Residents like Ted Peters heard the rounds fired.

"We heard roughly five shots, but they sounded almost, kind of like a machine gun because they were so fast," said Peters.

Peters and his family knew something was wrong.

"There was some pretty loud yelling and we figured somebody got hurt," said Peters.

But Ramos just can't figure something out.

"All these kids were friends, they grew up together, we can't understand what's going on," said Ramos.

Just like many in the community, they're in the dark until questions are answered.

"There is no crime in Alpine," said Wilson.
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