A New Kind Of Oil Field Experience

A New Kind Of Oil Field Experience

Opportunities in the oil field are bringing people from across the country to the Permian Basin.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "I was managing a Lacrosse store and I was working as a bartender on the weekends out in the Hamptons," said James O'Shea.

But that wasn't cutting it for James O'Shea.

"I was working two jobs and I was still struggling to make ends meat," said O'Shea.

That's when he decided to pack up his things and move across the country from New York, to Midland, without a job.

"You can start at the bottom and you can work your way up and you can be as prosperous as you want to," said O'Shea.

In the oil field, that's where O'Shea hoped to end up.

"I wanted to take a chance and kind of roll the dice so to speak, to try to make it work out here," said O'Shea.

O'Shea isn't the only one to roll the dice, his friend also came to town with the same goals in mind.

"I came out here to make money and work, so I'm pretty happy with my decision," said Mike Donlon.

And work is exactly what they've been doing, averaging about a hundred hours a week.

"It's a pretty crazy schedule, usually we'll start the week twelve midnight on Sunday and that can go for anywhere from twenty hours to forty-eight hours straight," said O'Shea.

Forty-eight hours straight at his new job as a frack hand for ProPetro.

A job he got through a friend about a month after his move.

"I kind of came out here with false hope, oh, let me do this job, not knowing anything about it, I soon realized I need experience, I need to start somewhere."

And he couldn't of picked a better place to start building a career in the oil industry.

"I'm out here to work and make a future for myself. So right now, I'm as happy as I could be," said O'Shea.
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