30 in 15: Permian Panthers

30 in 15: Permian Panthers

A new offensive coordinator and a different mindset has Permian thinking big in 2014.
ODESSA,TX- (Local Big 2 Sports)

Permian went 4-6 last season, and just .500 in conference, but the mojo mindset this fall has transformed the team.

"The way we practice last year is no where near how we practice this year. Coach Feldt is so up tempo and so much energy and that feeds on us," said senior quarterback Heath Wood.

Coach Feldt loves the team's progression.

"I'm really pleased with the carry over from the Spring. We put a lot of things in the Spring that were a little bit different. That we didn't do last Fall. We changed up a lot of things offensively," said Feldt.

Permian tweaked a few things on offense at the end of last season, but coach Feldt likes what new offensive coordinator Thad Fortune brings.

"Coach Fortune does a fantastic job with the fundamentals of quarterback play which we thought we desperately needed at the end of last season," said Feldt.

Quarterback Heath Wood says he'll learn a lot from Fortune.

"Coach Fortune brings the leadership part of the quarterback position and all the intangibles you have to have have as a qb mentally is what he brings to the table," said Wood.

2014 signifies a new day for Permian.

"My hope is that we're one of the best teams in West Texas and here at Permian High School that needs to be the expectation year in and year out," said Feldt.

"This year we're like this year we're going to win this game no one is going to stop us. And I feel like it's mainly our confidence," said Wood.
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