30 in 15: Midland Trinity Chargers

30 in 15: Midland Trinity Chargers

"What I’m striving for this year is to get the most out of these boys" - Midland Trinity Head Coach, Antwan Alexander

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "The main weakness we had last year was the lack of knowledge that the coaches had so started at the top", said Midland Trinity Head Coach, Antwan Alexander.

First year head coach Antwan Alexander admits the coaches were students of the game last year. Once they got the hung of things, the team excelled and now the kids have a great deal of confidence behind them.

"I think that we'll go further in the playoffs and our record will be a winning record because everyone's returning so we have all the experience", said Chargers Quarterback, Vincent Baiano.

"I believe we have a chance at state this year", said Chargers Center, Jonah Starck.

The Chargers went .500 with a record of 5-5 and 2-1 in district play last season with Coach Alexander at the helm.

"I believe he brings energy, he brings intelligence and I mean he knows the game because he played up at Texas Tech", said Starck.

Coach Alexander says in order for this offense to be successful, the Chargers Senior center must play well.

“Jonah Starck our starting center, he's key to this whole offense. The style of offense we're going with a spread and its starts with the snap", said Coach Alexander.

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