30 in 15 - Fort Davis Indians

30 in 15 - Fort Davis Indians

"If you come out here, we take care of each other. The community takes care of us and in turn we take care of them" - 1st Year Fort Davis Head Coach, Seth Nolan

Fort Davis, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "Were trying to establish a culture of toughness", said Fort Davis Head Coach Seth Nolan.

1st year head coach Seth Nolan has changed the culture of Indians football.

"We talked a lot about being accountable and being responsible", said Nolan.

Fort Davis did not win a game in 2013, but Indians Tailback Vincent Sanchez says the team looks forward to the future.

"That's last year I don't really care it's a new year, new people, new team and I’m really excited to get out there and let's do it", said Sanchez.

Coach Nolan is not playing around; the Indians lift weights 4 times a week and have the team run to and from practice every day.

"Guys will finish their run and go get the slower guys so togetherness, family atmosphere is what we’re trying to create", said Nolan.

Sanchez wants to be the spark the team has never had.

"Everyone is kind of shy around here so I really got to pump them up and you know mind as well help them out if I’m here", said Sanchez.

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