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Camping Out for Black Friday Deals 11-27-13

Shoppers are already looking for deals for the holiday season.
Midland - Thanksgiving holiday traditions have evolved for some families to now include preparing for holiday shopping.

Wednesday, there was already a tent set up outside the Best Buy in Midland. 

The tent was unoccupied Wednesday morning, with a fresh layer of frost on top.

A crowd of about 30 people were lined up outside Wednesday morning, some seeking pre-Thanksgiving deals.

Best Buy Manager Rob Pipkin expects shoppers to begin lining up Wednesday evening. 

"We try to organize it to where it's more orderly than just chaos," Pipkin said. 

Best Buy opens Thursday evening at 6:00 - six hours earlier than last year.

"I think it's just where we're at," Pipkin said. "I just think people want to shop sooner so Best Buy is definitely trying to accommodate our customers by making our products available to those customers sooner."

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